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  • 110 mm x 175 mm (1)
  • 130 mm x 200 mm (1)
  • 144 mm x 227 mm (1)
  • 169 mm x 252 mm (1)



  • Kraftpapier/PLA (4)



  • Non transparent (4)



  • Grip Closure (4)



  • 400 ml (1)
  • 700 ml (1)
  • 1000 ml (1)
  • 1750 ml (1)

Compostable Pouches - Plastic Free (4)

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Our New range of Compostable Stand Up Pouches.

Easily indentifiable in the market with the handy "IM COMPOSTABLE" print in the header

Constructed entirely of FSC sourced kraft paper and PLA - a compostable monomer prodced from fermented non GMO corn starch.

PLA is biodegradable under industrial composting conditions starting with an hydrolysis process and following with the action of microorganisms to ultimately degrade the PLA.

Benfits of using our compostable pouches

Our compostable pouches are not suitable for liquids

Looking to replace your current pouches with a greener alternative?

Ask us about our new innovative compostable pouches, and 100% recyclable LDPE pouches.

A greener solution, with stand up functionality and with full colour printing!

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