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Printed envelopes

At MiniGrip, it is possible to get both paper and plastic envelopes printed. Printing with colors, and explanatory or advertising text or your logo are good ways to add value to your product or brand.


Printing techniques

There are many confusing terms used in printing, in the context of printing techniques. The technical explanations are of little interest to the uninitiated. What is interesting is the costs. Each technique has its own cost structure.


Digital printing

Digital printing is ideal for printing in small print runs. Your design can easily be input digitally, and then processed and prepared. This keeps the fixed costs per impression low. The costs per printed envelope are higher. It is therefore an expensive technique for large print runs. Digital printing is a technique which is suitable for paper envelopes.


Offset printing

Offset printing is a technique in which a design is first created on a printing plate. Making an offset printing plate is more work than setting up a digital design, and is therefore more expensive for small print runs. But the costs per printed envelope are lower. So for medium-sized print runs, offset is a better choice than digital. The offset printing technique is suitable for both paper and plastic envelopes.



Finally, we can also print your envelopes using the rotogravure technique. Rotogravure involves the pattern to be printed being etched deeply into a metal cylinder. During the process, printing ink is applied to the cylinder and transferred to the envelopes to be printed. Etching a rotogravure cylinder is expensive. As the costs per envelope are even lower than in the case of offset printing, this technique is suitable for the biggest print runs. Both paper and plastic envelopes can be printed using rotogravure.



Which technique is the most suitable for you depends on your wishes and budget. Contact a MiniGrip account manager for considered advice. He or she can tell you what the financial consequences of your choices will be. For inspiration, visit our tailor made pages to see examples of envelopes we have had printed for our customers.

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