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Filling stand-up pouches,
spouted pouches


Filling is our bread and butter at DaklaPack. We fill stand-up pouches with liquids, dry material, powders and tablets, all under clean conditions. We can also fill small quantities, manually if necessary. You are more than welcome to come and see for yourself.

Food and non-food


Manual and automatic filling and packaging of food, liquids, powders and tablets.

Direct printing of addresses, lot numbers, expiration dates, etc., by inkjet onto the package

Inventory management and order picking/packing and shipment within the Netherlands and abroad.

filling muesli

Pasteurization and sterilization

We can fill spouted pouches and stand-up pouches for you. Thanks to their shape, stand-up pouches make a strong presentation, and due to the high barriers, they ensure a long shelflife of your product, by means of pasteurization and sterilization, for example. Small quantities, including test quantities, are highly feasible for us.

Machine rental

We have various machines available which we can also rent out to our customers, with or without personnel. Our latest purchase is an IPN Rotary filler specially designed for spouted pouches.

More information?

More information? Feel free to contact us for more information and advice. We will be happy to answer your questions: (0)320 277 907 or complete our contact form.


In addition to our standard line of Spoutbags, DaklaPack also has the possibility of supplying Spoutbags on rails. Using Spoutbags on rails further simplifies processing during the filling process. The DaklaPack rail system means that it is not necessary to load items one by one into the filling machine. This can take place by rail. This means that the personnel can be deployed more flexibly during the filling process. The spoutbags on rails, with accompanying caps, are used primarily for processing in filling machines which already exist in the market. Our pouches, spouts and caps are suitable for pasteurization and sterilization, and meet all current requirements and criteria for both food and non-food.

More information? Feel free to contact us for more information and advice. We will be happy to answer your questions: 0320 - 277 907 or complete our contact form.