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One stop shopping for Best Way Ingredients

Published on: 03/04/2023

Best Way Ingredients is an online store for high-quality dairy ingredients and has recently made the move to custom packaging with our partially printed bags as well as filling service. This gives them the flexibility they need to expand their assortment and customize products without having to redesign packaging.

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The reusable packaging of Spot On Coffee Roasters

Published on: 23/02/2023

Spot on Coffee Roasters specializes in the roasting of private label coffee. For their clients, they go out of their way to put together the perfect blend and in doing so, add the right look to the packaging.

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Gripbags made from recycled PCR content

Published on: 10/02/2023

The new grip bags are made from 30% PCR content (post-consumer-recycled) and are manufactured from household waste. In addition to being recycled material, the grip bags are also designed to be recycled one more time after use (recycled code 4 LDPE).

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The invisible stickers from Spic'd

Published on: 02/02/2023

Spic'd makes the kitchen a little more beautiful with their products. Their salt and pepper mills and olive oil and vinegar pourers are a joy to behold. Just as important is the filling of their products. Especially for this, Spic'd sells a beautiful extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Both packaged in DaklaPack's standard Spoutbag.

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Our recyclable flat bags

Published on: 09/12/2022

New in our range: recyclable flat bags with or without grip closure. Our new flat bags are the ideal choice for efficient and sustainable packaging of food and non-food.

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The versatile Bag-In-Box

Published on: 17/11/2022

The Bag-In-Box is the perfect solution for storing, shipping and draining liquid products. The Bag-In-Box is versatile and suitable for a wide range of industries. The Bag-In-Box can therefore be used for many different liquids.

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Our environmentally friendly needle containers

Published on: 10/11/2022

Many needles, sharp objects and pipettes are used in the medical world. It is important to dispose of these objects safely. You can do this with a special medical waste container. These needle containers are made of environmentally friendly Polypropylene. The containers feature extra wall thickness to prevent puncture by needles. The ergonomic design allows for efficient and safe work in a laboratory, hospital or healthcare facility.

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DaklaPack's gift packaging

Published on: 27/10/2022

With the holidays upon us again, it's time for some extra packaging inspiration. Because when sending gifts, a beautiful gift wrap should be included.

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