IAMTORO boxers have been daringly designed and immaculately produced with an irrepressible attitude. They resemble comfort interwoven with charisma. IAMTORO believes that underwear is much more than just a functional piece of fabric. For the brand, we designed a packaging solution to match its values, with a window to give a glimpse inside and ensure the right look for both product and packaging. In addition to developing the packaging, DaklaPack also took care of the fulfilment process.

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24 ICE

We developed a beautiful tailor-made product for our client, 24ice.com. The frozen cocktails made by ‘24ice.com’ have a truly unique design. The stick pack, as packaging form, was designed and manufactured wholly in accordance with the our client’s wishes and preferences.

DaklaPack provided both the production machine and the digitally printed foil. DaklaPack also took care of filling and packaging of the stick packs.

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Healthy, tasty and versatile – when it comes to olive oil, what’s not to like? The right oil can transform a simple piece of bread into a feast, a salad into a treat or a steak into something close to perfection. The only problem with olive oil is that it always tends to run out at the wrong time.  

This refill packaging was developed specifically for Olivery, with the main challenge being the development of strong packaging. The most important thing was to ensure that the oil reached the customer without leaking. This innovative packaging helps to save on CO2 by ensuring that the original bottle is reused, plus, the refill is sent in small packaging that can be delivered by regular mail.

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Pelican Rouge is passionate about quality and flavour. The Pelican Rouge concept allows everyone to enjoy the great taste of the best coffee. The secret? Pure craftsmanship! Coffee blends are selected by true professionals. The coffee is then carefully roasted by skilled and experienced master roasters.

The packaging for Pelican Rouge had to meet stringent quality requirements and be entirely free of aluminium, while also having a high barrier. We helped to develop a special laminate for the packaging. The printing technique used gives the packaging an authentic appearance that is fully consistent with the brand’s values.

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The FashionPack that we have developed for Jumbo Golf is smart packaging that can be delivered to the home without the consumer actually needing to be there. The same packaging can also be used for returns. This makes it the best packaging solution for Jumbo Golf to ship clothing, plus, thanks to an innovative twist, the packaging can also be sent airless.

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Our client Global E-Systems supplies low-energy products. We worked with the client to develop a sustainable packaging solution for climate technology, energy saving and heat and cold storage. The challenging packaging contains a number of compartment and is resistant to the development of cold and heat.
The packaging with product has been made to regulate temperature development in a building or room. Phase transition materials work much like thermal batteries – as the phase transition materials in the ceilings absorb environment heat, the living space below is cooled.
The packaging is great in that it can be discarded as packaging waste after use just about everywhere. In Global E-Systems’ case, the packaging is actually the product and it can be laid along system ceilings to create a ‘climate ceiling’. In addition to developing the packaging, DaklaPack was also responsible for the filling process for the product.

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