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  • 174 mm x 203 mm (1)
  • 210 mm x 285 mm (1)
  • 233 mm x 300 mm (1)
  • 310 mm x 430 mm (1)



  • LDPE (4)



  • Non transparent / transparent (4)



  • 87 mu (4)



  • Destructive tape (3)
  • Resealable tape (1)

12. Hookbag (4)

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Present, store & Protect with DaklaPacks range of Hooked Garment bags.

This range of products has been specifically designed for the clothing industry.

The metalised rear allows for improved contrast against the garment inside, the front side a clear resistant laminate to protect the garment inside yet still allowing full visibility.

Thanks to the bottom open flap with adhesive strip - the hook bags can be filled with the folded garment easily and stuck down to ensure a quick trouble free operation.

The rigid plastic hook located at the top of the bags allows the garment to be stored in retail stores / visual displays and even vending machines.

Looking for a fully customised hooked bag for your store / webshop? Contact us today - we can provide you with a fully customised sollution from a modest MOQ.

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