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  • 94 mm x 132 mm (1)
  • 104 mm x 172 mm (1)
  • 139 mm x 232 mm (1)
  • 164 mm x 277 mm (1)



  • Kraft Paper 50g/PET12/EVOH-LDPE80 (4)

Box Pouch (4)

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Box pouches / Box bottom bags - A flexible pouch with extra volume!

Tired of the traditional DOY pack's / Stand Up Pouches and looking for something different?

Look no further designed and produced utilising modern pouch making machinery. We are now able to further increase the volume of the pouch without increasing the lengh and width only by adding additional depth.

We can produce a fully customised pouch for you, starting from just 10,000 pieces and providing a full colour edge to edge print on all sides even all 3 gussets!

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