Safetybag recycled privacy safe

165 mm x 285 mm

Safetybag recycled privacy safe
165 mm x 285 mm

€ 73,65
€ 73,65 Incl. VAT | € 69,07 Ex. VAT
Designed for recycling (plastic) Recycled Content

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These Safetybags consist of approx. 85% recycled PE. The reuse (recycling) of PE has two major advantages; less petroleum is needed for the production of Safetybags and secondly, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. Reuse costs less energy compared to remanufacturing Safetybags. Nothing has changed about the properties of the Safetybag. The Safetybag features an absolutely liquid-tight security closure. Made of strong transparent recycled polyethylene, the packaging is guaranteed to keep liquid in and out. The easy-to-remove cover strip seals the bag hermetically. The Safetybag is very suitable as secondary, liquid-tight packaging of, for example, category B biological substances. The Safetybag is printed on both sides and is therefore privacy-safe.
In combination with the Transport Blister, the PolyMed mailing envelope and sufficient absorbent material, this composition complies with packaging regulations P650, P904 and PI959. We will be happy to quote non-standard formats and printing on request.

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External length:
285 mm
External width:
165 mm
60 mu
security tape
Non transparent
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