Safebox needlecontainer MINI

Safebox needlecontainer MINI

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Designed for recycling (plastic)

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The Daklapack-Safebox range of sharps containers are made of environmentally friendly Polypropylene. The containers have an extra thick wall to prevent needle penetration.

The ergonomic design makes it possible to work efficiently and safely in a laboratory, hospital or healthcare facility.

The mini container is ideal for diabetics as they are equipped with an insulin pen disconnector. The lid is also equipped with a universal quick-fit release, making the DaklaPack-Safebox also suitable for other needles. The lid can be temporarily and permanently locked. The container (label) has a visible filling line that indicates the maximum filling height of the container.

• The containers are fully autoclavable.
• Available sizes: 0.25, 0.5 and 1 liter
• Designed for wall, table and post mounting. The mounting systems are available on request
• The containers are UN and ADR approved
• Made from environmentally friendly Polypropylene

• ISO 23907 worldwide
• NFX 30-511 (France)

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External height:
275 mm
Diameter onderkant:
67 mm
1000 ml
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