Recycled Gripbags 30% PCR

80 mm x 120 mm

Recycled Gripbags 30% PCR
80 mm x 120 mm

€ 84,09
€ 84,09 Incl. VAT | € 78,86 Ex. VAT
Designed for recycling (plastic) Recycled Content Not recyclable

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aklaPacks Recycled Grip bags contain a minimum of 30% recycled material.

These recycled Grip Bags, also know an polybags or zipper bags are produced from 30% PCR (post-consumer-recycled) household waste. They can also be recycled again under the Polyethylene stream (code 4) and clearly printed & highlighted on each bag.

PCR materials are often less clear and sometimes offer weaker strength, which affects the final appearance of a package. Therefore, it should always be mixed with a certain amount of virgin material. Our grip bags with 30% recycled material now offer the same properties as conventional bags. This not only increases the circularity of packaging, which is often destined for incineration, but also supports the recycling infrastructure as well as increases the demand for recycled materials.
Ideal for packaging and/or shipping non-food items.

We can also produce the gripbags in a custom size with or without print.

Order number:
External length:
140 mm
External width:
80 mm
Internal length:
120 mm
Internal width:
80 mm
50 mu
Grip Closure
Completely transparent
Extra Info:
Produced from 30% Post Consumer Recycled waste
Quantity Ex. VAT Incl. VAT (7%)
1.000 € 78,86 € 84,09
3.000 € 67,05 € 71,50
5.000 € 58,38 € 62,25
10.000 € 57,59 € 61,41
25.000 € 52,55 € 56,03
50.000 € 50,02 € 53,34

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