PaperWise envelope beige

EA5/ 6

PaperWise envelope beige
EA5/ 6

€ 64,45
€ 64,45 Incl. VAT | € 60,44 Ex. VAT
Designed for recycling (paper)

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Any worthy invitation or letter should be accompanied by a statement making envelope the PaperWise envelopes scream sustainability!
Nature itself has no landfill waste this is the inspiration behind PaperWise. Natural waste is always useful especially when being used to create a new product.
In this instance as the basis for a high quality and sustainable paper. PaperWise provides agricultural waste a second life. Using waste leaves & branches and turning them into a raw pulp used to produced this spectacular envelopes.

These envelopes have a pre gummed triangular flap, quick and easy to close and ready to ship like traditional envelopes.

As the raw materials vary from batch to batch – slight colour variations can be expected.

Order number:
External length:
110 mm
External width:
220 mm
Internal length:
110 mm
Internal width:
220 mm
Din format:
EA5/ 6
Non transparent
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100 € 60,44 € 64,45
500 € 57,59 € 61,41
1.000 € 53,48 € 57,03
2.500 € 50,86 € 54,23
5.000 € 47,75 € 50,92

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