Credo Cube -50 °C 4l

Credo Cube -50 °C 4l

€ 817,94
€ 817,94 Incl. VAT | € 767,08 Ex. VAT
Not recyclable

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Credo containers offer a universal solution for temperature sensitive materials, from blood and tissue to medical samples and pharmaceuticals.
This product range provides a truly reusable solution to meet your special requirements.

Credo® Thermal packaging solutions are available in all temperature ranges, +2°C to +8°C, +15°C to +25°C, -15°C to -25°C, (-50°C and colder are available upon request).

These solutions consist of phase change materials, which, are specifically formulated for the unique needs of diverse medical materials, from super frozen tissue to room temperature and fridge temperature vaccines and pharmaceuticals

No dry ice needed anymore!

Order number:
External length:
381 mm
External width:
343 mm
External height:
349 mm
Internal length:
150 mm
Internal width:
150 mm
Internal height:
150 mm
Net Weight:
10000 g
Air Transport:
Road Transport:
Quantity Ex. VAT Incl. VAT (7%)
1 € 767,08 € 817,94
5 € 735,12 € 783,86
10 € 696,76 € 742,96

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