VTM Transport medium

VTM Transport medium

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A robust tube + screw cap with Virus Transport Medium (VTM) a medium for collecting, transporting and for the long-term storage of viruses. It is designed to maintain optimal sample viability. The VTM is made from Hanks Balance Salt Solution, a buffer to stabilize the pH and contains antimicrobial agents to prevent contamination. Phenol red is used as a pH indicator. The medium also contains a cryoprotectant to ensure the viability of the viruses when the samples are to be stored frozen for an extended period of time. A major advantage of this VTM is that the tubes can be stored at room temperature.

The tube has a size of 12.6 x 82.7 mm, can stand independently and is equipped with a screw cap. The 8ml tube contains 3ml VTM. The tubes are packed per 50 pieces in a box. *Tube may differ from illustration due to global shortage*

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83 mm
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13 mm
3 ml
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