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  • 85 mm x 120 mm (5)
  • 90 mm x 165 mm (5)
  • 110 mm x 175 mm (5)
  • 130 mm x 200 mm (5)
  • 150 mm x 230 mm (5)
  • 175 mm x 265 mm (5)



  • Paper/PET/CPP (29)



  • Semi transparent (29)



  • 160 mu (30)



  • Grip Closure (30)



  • 150 ml (5)
  • 250 ml (5)
  • 400 ml (5)
  • 700 ml (5)
  • 1000 ml (5)
  • 1750 ml (5)

Stand-up Pouches with Window (30)

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Paper stand-up pouches

Packaging has an image with consumers of being a threat to the environment. Sustainability is currently the in thing. Laminated packaging is already environmentally friendly, fewer raw materials and energy are used in their manufacture than for alternative packaging such as tin or glass. But this benefit also has to be communicated to the consumer. That is why it is important to use natural materials. Paper stand-up pouches are fitted with a layer of paper on the outside, for example rice paper or kraft paper.




Uses for paper stand-up pouches

Thanks to a combination of an aluminum interior and a craft paper exterior, the stand-up pouches are highly suitable for health food shops. The natural image gives the pouch extra power. And would you like to give these unique stand-up pouches your own look? We can attach labels to the bags according to your wishes. Request a quotation for this, wholly free of obligation.

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