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Pouch-on-rail system

DaklaPack works closely with Europe’s leading machine builders and has developed her own range of pouch-on-rail packaging to integrate flawlessly into existing filling systems both old and new.

Pouches on rail offer the advantage of simplifying the filling process. Machine operators can feed the individual rails containing 52 pouches directly into the feeder of the filling machine.

DaklaPack specializes in pouch design and technology with a focus on the development of unique and innovative performance solutions that optimize the relationship between packaging and the products they contain.

DaklaPack can supply you with Pouch on Rail from just 1 single rail of 52units for prototyping and continue to provide a quality reliable service level into the millions.

Our off the shelf solutions can be filled at up to 85C and should be allowed to immediately cool - We can also from a modest MOQ provide you with a fully retortable solution.

Contact our team today for clear and easy to follow advice - are you looking for a co-packer or a reputable machine builder? we can point you in the right direction.

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